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Where do I find the serial number on my kayak?

The serial number is located on the back piece, on the side, near the rudder. It is imprinted on a small white plate. 




Where do the products ship from?

Within Canada, product ships from our main warehouse in Evansburg, AB. Models available for product demo's at satellite locations are not for sale, unless special arrangements are made with the customer. Freight charges will still apply in most cases. Within the USA, product ships from our main warehouse in PA.

Where are the kayaks manufactured?

Point65 Kayaks are manufactured in China, and held to a high standard of production, with their own quality control consultant and quality control management and documentation process. They are imported and warehoused in our main warehouse in Evansburg, Alberta. Having them available right here in Canada decreases shipping costs and times for you, the consumer!

How long is the warranty period?

The warranty period is two years. Please refer to the Warranty section under the "Find out more" tab for more information.

How much is shipping?

Shipping is $100 for a solo, and $150 for a tandem, with the exception of the Kingfisher which is $150 for a solo and $200 for a tandem. 

Please refer to the Shipping Policy section under the "Find out more" tab for more information.

If I just buy a solo now, can I add a mid section later to make it a tandem?

Absolutely! In fact, that's the beauty of the modular system. You can always add the mid-piece later. Whether you start out with a tandem purchase or add the mid-piece later, you will pay the same price.

What are Point65 kayaks made of, and are they reparable?

Point65 modular kayaks are made of durable, 1-layer roto-molded Polyethylene. Yes, they are reparable with a heat gun and if necessary a supplementary piece of PE. The process is very similar to metal welding. 

Why aren't they made of stronger 3-layer PE?

3 layer construction is mostly beneficial for longer kayaks as it will add stiffness and lightness to them. But the modular sections are pretty short and won’t benefit as much as a long kayak, mitigating much of the benefits of the much more expensive manufacturing process, and keeping prices as reasonable as possible.

I can't get the sections totally tight with no gap! Is this normal?

Yes! The play between the sections disappears once it’s in the water, and once a person is sitting on the kayak. By design, the weight of the person on the kayak combined with the upward buoyancy of the water makes the kayak interlock even stronger. The straps are merely there to keep things more or less tight for land transport. Just simply tighten the strap a time or two to make sure it’s as tight as it can go without really having to put a lot of pressure at all on the buckle. 

These kayaks are rotomolded. So variations in production and the impact exterior circumstances is bigger. For example, air pressure variations, temperature variations and more make the polyethylene expand and contract, changing the shape ever so slightly. These slight variations can make the fit between the sections vary. However, it is important to have some tolerance between the sections to make it even less likely that they may break in extreme conditions. Also, if there was no tolerance at all, taking the kayak apart would be very difficult!

These slight tolerances do not affect performance or the sections staying together, and we have yet to experience any of the many thousands sold ever separating while being paddled! 

For more information, visit our Manuals and Download page

Will the sun or saltwater damage my kayak?

Kayaks are MADE to be enjoyed in the sun and waves, so you can be confident that you can get out there and have fun for years to come! Just to have as long of a life expectancy as possible, we recommend that you store the kayak out of the sun (you can cover it with a tarp). 

Some people also like to apply a “sunscreen” on their kayak, for example 303 Aerospace Protectant. This will protect the outer layer from harmful UV rays and keep the color from fading over time.

Can I transport my kayak on a roof rack?

You can easily transport your modular kayak on a roof rack, but you need to tie it down correctly to minimise the stress on the connection points of the kayak sections.

Make sure you use a roof rack made for kayaks, we highly recommend Thule roof racks and its kayak cradles.

On the images below you can see a Tequila! and Martini modular kayak on a roof rack. 




If transporting it as a Tandem, you need to make sure the tie down strap is placed on the interlocking area of the Front Section, and on the back roof rack you should place the tie down strap on the back sections interlocking area. 



 If you car roof is too short to accommodate this, you should tie it down as a Solo with the Mid section alone beside it.