Point 65 Sweden KingFisher

The KingFisher has what no other fishing kayak has:
• Fast and smooth paddling while keeping stability thanks to the trimaran hull.
• Ease of carry, transport and storage thanks to the modular design.
Maverick kayak designer Magnus DeBrito worked on the problems with owning a large fishing kayak and found the answers!
STABILITY AND PERFORMANCE - The KingFisher is probably the fastest fishing kayak out there while still being stable enough for confident stand-up fishing.
It has a sleek 31.1'' (79cm) beam - most fishing kayaks are 35'' (90cm) wide. Thanks to the KingFisher's modern trimaran hull, it's faster & more nimble, while being easier to carry, transport and store without compromising on stability.
UNIQUE, HAND-CONTROLLED, DOUBLE-SIDED RUDDERS make it exceptionally easy to maneuver and turn
THE KINGFISHER GAME CHAIR. Featuring one of the most comfortable seats on the kayak fishing market, the KingFisher Game Chair offers a variety of settings to give you a comfortable and effective paddling position.
POWERED BY ARMS, LEGS OR MOTOR - While the KingFisher’s sleek trimaran hull is easily propelled by traditional paddle strokes and using the good old double-bladed kayak paddle is still an extremely effective way of moving across great expanses of rough water, you might want your arms and hands-free for fishing. THE IMPULSE DRIVE PEDAL SYSTEM - The optional Impulse Drive easily pops into its slot in the kayak and effectively propels you forward and backward using leg power. The pedal drive unit is extremely lightweight, durable & easy to use. It’s one of the few pedal driven units on the market that can be driven both forward and in reverse. With your largest muscle group in play, kayak fishing becomes effortless and more efficient than ever.


Fast Facts:
Solo length: 11’ / 331 cm
Width: 31’ / 79 cm
Length front section: 67’’ / 171 cm
Length back section: 65.5’’ / 166 cm
Hatch size front section: 11.4’’ x 15’’ / 29 x 38 cm
Hatch size back section: 12.2’’ x 19.3’’ / 31 x 49 cm
Solo weight (front+back sections): 70 lbs / 32 kg
Weight per section: 35 lbs / 16kg
Capacity solo, front and back sections paired: 287 lbs / 130 kg
- Swedish design & engineering
- Solo configuration; Front section paired with back section = solo kayak.
- Modular -splits apart for easy storage, carrying and transport
- Fast assembly! Sections come together and split apart in less than 10 seconds
- Fit’s in most cars, each section weighs 35 lbs / 16 kg.
- Snap-Tap modular connection system keeps all sections securely latched together
- Each section floats independently.
- Trimaran hull, super stable
- Dual, hand controlled rudders
- Two large storage hatches
- optional Impulse Drive pedal drive is lightweight, super efficient, goes in forward and reverse
- Built-in carry handles
- Comes with additional carrying handle on front section
- Made of strong, impact- and UV-resistant High Density Thermoplastic that's also maintenance-free and recyclable
- Modular sit on top kayak
- Hatches on front and back -section
- Net covered large rear storage area
- Each section equipped with a drain plug




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