Tequila! GTX Angler

 Kick the standard model up a notch! 

TEQUILA! GTX Angler offers a new level of innovation for recreational kayaks. Created by award-winning design engineer Magnus De Brito! A fun, versatile and high-performance kayak that, due to its modularity, is exceptionally easy to carry, store, and haul.  The single-seater snaps apart and re-assembles in seconds for a kayak that is safe, stable, and strong, making it by far the most lightweight kayak on the market.  Stable, lightweight, and straight-tracking, this easy-to-use single or tandem unit is designed with the colder waters of more northern climates in mind, keeping you sitting high above the water.

The solo and the tandem section alike come equipped with rod holders. Two of these are integrated, flush-mounted behind the seat and one is on a deck mount in front of the paddler. This deck mounted rod holder can be removed and replaced with any compatible hardware of your liking. Two additional deck mounts enable the owner to add more rod holders or other equipment. 



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