Shipping Policy

We are happy to say that we have negotiated some very good rates for shipping our kayaks across the continent and beyond.  The challenge with shipping kayaks is that they are have a very high cubic volume but a very low weight.  All carriers charge by a combination of weight and volume so they can still make money.  Also, because our modules are still quite bulky, most carriers have an oversize charge, and others won't even accept packages that size.

We subsidize shipping almost everywhere.  Even though we have negotiated good rates because of our high volume, we subsidize (or pay a part of the shipping out of our own pocket) in order to make our excellent products more affordable to you, our customer.  That's why we structure our shipping the way we do.

Flat Rate Shipping on Kayaks and Kayak Sections:  For shipments within Canada, we charge a flat rate of $50/box on all kayaks and kayak sections. Since a kayak section is one box, a solo kayak is always two boxes, and a tandem kayak is always three boxes.The exception to this is the Kingfisher, which ships for $200 for a solo and $250 for a tandem. Purchase of Impulse Drive may increase shipping.

For US orders, please enter your items into your cart and add zip code to see shipping rates.

Free shipping on accessories with minimum $400 purchase:  If you purchase paddles, PFDs or other kayak accessories along with a kayak or kayak section, we can put those accessories in the same box and it doesn't change the shipping cost, so we can include it for free shipping.  The $400 minimum purchase lets us assume that you have purchased a kayak section or complete kayak.

If you haven't purchased a kayak section or complete kayak but have exceeded the $400 minimum, (say by buying our super comfy lifejackets for the family) we will still ship for free.

If you purchase some accessories and are under the $400 minimum (maybe you forgot to order some super-handy paddle leashes when you bought your kayak) we will charge shipping at our very reasonable volume discounted rates.

Products fulfilled by our partners: Some of the products you may see on our store may be fulfilled by our partners.  In that case, we charge the shipping rate that they charge us.  We don't try to make money on the shipping.

How long does it take to get my order?

If the item is in stock, it will usually ship within a few business days of our having received your order. Most orders are shipped and delivered within 6-12 Days. Rural or northern locations can take longer to deliver than estimated ship times.

If there happens to be a delay or there is a backorder on a product, we will contact you to confirm the order. 

Items available for pre-order will state the ETA (to our warehouse) on the product page.

Confirmation email: Once the order has been processed and your kayak has shipped, a confirmation email will be sent along with a tracking number. 

Order tracking: When your order has shipped, you will receive an email shipping confirmation containing a tracking number. The tracking number will allow you to track where your parcel is in the logistics process. Eg. In transit, at destination terminal, ready to be couriered to customer.

You can check the status of your shipment in the following ways:

  • Follow the instructions included in your shipping confirmation email to track your order through the carrier's website
  • Contact Great Escape Kayak's customer service representative at 1-833-875-2925
  • E-mail us at for a status update

What if my product is damaged?

We really hope you never need this information! By far the large majority of our shipments are problem free. However, in the event of damage please keep in mind the following steps:

Visible Damage:

 It is your responsibility as the consignee to note any visible damage on all copies of the proof of delivery or on the driver’s hand-held (where applicable).

If the boxes have been in any way compromised (torn or crushed), please inspect your shipment and request an ASF (Additional Services Form) from the driver noting the damage, and any missing items. Failure to note damage before signing absolves the shipping company of any responsibility for damage. ANY DAMAGE NOT REPORTED TO THE SHIPPER BECOMES THE RESPONSIBILITY OF THE CONSIGNEE NOT GREAT ESCAPE KAYAKS INC.

 Please email or call us at 1-833-875-2925 and let us know the shipment was damaged and that you have noted it on the Bill of Lading.

Concealed Damage (found within 24 hours after delivery):

In the event you sign for your package without immediately noting the damage (ie the box looked fine but once you opened it you found something was damaged), there is a 24 hour grace period for reporting what is known as "concealed damage". We will require digital pictures of the boxes and the damage, taken within the 24 hour grace period, sent in for our records and for the shipping company's records.

You must email or call us at 1-833-875-2925 immediately so we can report the damage to the shipping company.