The Real Scoop -- What our Customers Say!

We think the true measure of our success is our relationship with our customers.  Here is what a few of them had to say:

Thanks Tim, it’s nice to know you will be there for support and parts (ie: straps, buckles, accessories etc) -- GF, British Columbia

Thanks for working with me trying to get info this past month. You certainly were under no obligation to help, but it was sure appreciated!  -- JD - Montana  (A shipment was delayed, temporarily lost by the shipping company)

Thanks so much for making this happen and thank you to Joanne for getting us started this morning / afternoon. JK, Alberta

Thank you so much for your help with everything!  JV, Ontario  

Thank you for your email. So far everything is perfect. OC, Ontario

Thank you for your email. It is greatly appreciated to have such personalized service. YL, Quebec

To begin, I want to thank you for the impeccable follow-up that you do for us. YM, Quebec

Thank you so much for everything and it was a pleasure to meet you.  We are really liking our kayak and accessories and we will be recommending your store to our family and friends.  A&S G, Alberta

Thanks again for your prompt and professional customer service. It's a treat, have a great day. JB, Ontario